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Search and Find Cards: Reusable Activity Mats for Preschoolers (2023)




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Today I’m going to share my experience with the Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6. These cards are reusable activity mats that come with 4 dry erase markers, making them perfect for preschool learning and educational games. They are designed for both boys and girls and are suitable for toddlers aged 3 and above.

Search and Find Cards for Kids

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Fun To Find: Every page is a new adventure filled with fun things for kids to search and find. It keeps them engaged and entertained.
  2. Reusable Play: The activity pads can be used again and again, thanks to the dry erase markers. This helps build vocabulary and learning skills.
  3. New Design: The cards have a bright and colorful design that is visually appealing to kids. The illustrations are easy to understand, making it fun and easy for them to play.
  4. Suitable Size: The activity mat is compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go play. It keeps kids engaged and entertained during travel.
  5. Best Kids Gift: These cards make a perfect gift for kids aged 3 and above. They are ideal for parties and various festivals.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Quality of Markers: Some customers have reported that the markers’ erasers tend to fall out, which can be a bit inconvenient.
  2. Lack of Challenge: While the cards are fun and engaging, some customers mentioned that there could be more challenging elements, such as hidden items or tricks, to make it more exciting for older kids.

Quick Verdict

The Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6 are a fantastic tool for preschool learning and educational games. The reusable activity mats and dry erase markers make it easy for kids to engage in vocabulary building activities. The bright and colorful design keeps them entertained, both at home and on the go. However, the markers’ quality could be improved, and adding more challenging elements would make it even more enjoyable for older kids. Overall, this is an excellent product for young children’s learning and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational game for your kids, I highly recommend giving these Search and Find Cards a try. You can find them on Amazon.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6 on Amazon. Living in the USA, I was excited to introduce my preschool-aged child to this educational game. The delivery was surprisingly fast, and I received the product within a couple of days.

Inside the box, I found a set of reusable activity mats along with four dry erase markers. The activity mats are designed like cards and feature various colorful scenes where kids can search and find different objects. The markers are of great quality and perfect for little hands to use on the mats.


The Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6 is manufactured by Duchong. The product dimensions are 15 x 11 x 0.9 inches, and it weighs approximately 15.5 ounces. This game is specifically designed for preschoolers aged 3 and above. The product is made in China and has received excellent customer reviews, with an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 163 ratings.

User Guide

The user guide for this product was sadly empty. However, since the game is fairly self-explanatory, the absence of a user guide did not hinder my experience or that of my child. If you still require guidance, you can check out the product link for more information and customer reviews.

Features – What We Found

Fun To Find: Every page is a new adventure filled with fun things for kids

The Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6 provide an exciting search-and-find experience for children. Each page is filled with various items and objects for kids to discover, creating a new adventure every time they play. With vibrant and engaging illustrations, these cards are sure to capture the attention of young learners and make learning enjoyable.

These cards are perfect for both at-home and on-the-go play. They offer a great way to keep kids entertained during long car rides or wait times. The fun and interactive nature of the cards make them an excellent choice for engaging young minds and encouraging their curiosity.

Pro-Tip: To enhance the fun, you can set up mini-challenges for your child while using the cards. For example, you can ask them to find specific objects or count how many items of a certain color they can find. This not only makes the activity more engaging but also helps develop their observational and counting skills.

Reusable Play: 6 double-sided activity mats with 4 dry-erase markers

The Search and Find Cards come with 6 double-sided activity mats and 4 dry-erase markers. This feature allows children to engage in repeated play and activities, making the learning experience more engaging and long-lasting. The reusable nature of the activity mats ensures that kids can enjoy their search-and-find adventure over and over again.

These mats are designed to be highly engaging for preschool-aged children. They feature easy-to-understand illustrations that help build your child’s vocabulary and observational skills. The 4 dry-erase markers provided allow kids to mark the items they have found, creating a sense of accomplishment and promoting fine motor skills.

Check out the product here.

Bright and colorful design for engaging activities

These Search and Find Cards boast a bright and colorful design that captivates young children. The innovative content and easy-to-identify items keep kids engaged in the activities, making learning a fun and interactive experience.

By providing visually appealing illustrations and using vibrant colors, these cards effectively attract and maintain children’s attention. The engaging design encourages active participation and helps keep children entertained, allowing for quality time spent off-screen and enabling great family bonding.

Suitable size for versatile play and travel

The Search and Find Cards have a convenient size of 15.3×11.4×0.9 inches, making them suitable for various play settings and travel purposes. Whether you’re at home, on a road trip, or visiting family, these activity mats can easily fit into your child’s backpack or travel bag.

The compact size and lightweight nature of the cards make them ideal for keeping kids engaged, entertained, and learning while on the go. The portable design allows for easy storage and transport, ensuring that your child can enjoy the educational benefits of these cards anytime, anywhere.

Perfect choice as a gift for kids aged 3+

The Search and Find Cards make an excellent gift for children aged 3 and above. Whether you’re looking for a birthday present or a party favor, these activity mats are a perfect choice. They are also suitable for various festivals such as Easter, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and New Year.

These cards provide educational value while keeping the learning process fun and engaging, making them a thoughtful gift for young learners. Additionally, they promote cognitive development, observational skills, and vocabulary building, making them an ideal learning tool for preschool-aged kids.

Final Thoughts

Our Score: 95.0

I recently purchased the Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6 and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. As a parent, it’s always a challenge to find engaging and educational activities for my children, but these cards definitely hit the mark.

Firstly, the reusable play aspect is a game-changer. With 6 double-sided activity mats and 4 dry-erase markers, my kids can enjoy hours of fun while building their vocabulary and problem-solving skills. The easy-to-understand illustrations make it accessible for even younger children to participate.

Not only are the cards educational, but they also provide an opportunity for quality time off-screen. The bright and colorful designs keep my children engaged and entertained, making it perfect for at-home play or on-the-go entertainment. Additionally, the size of the activity mats is suitable for most situations, including travel.

I highly recommend these Search and Find Cards for Kids Ages 3 to 6. They make for an excellent gift choice and are perfect for various occasions such as birthdays or holidays. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

You can find the product here.

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