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Potato Head Family Toy Review: Create & Customize with 45 Pieces (2023)




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Hey there, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy, and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with it. As a parent, finding toys that are both entertaining and educational for my kids is essential, and this product definitely caught my attention. If you’re in the market for a fun and customizable toy for your little ones, keep reading to learn more about this potato-tastic playset!

Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Endless possibilities for customization: With 45 pieces to mix and mash, your child can create numerous potato families with unique looks and styles. It encourages creativity and imaginative play.
  2. Includes baby potato: The addition of a cute baby potato toy with a diaper accessory adds an extra level of cuteness and storytelling potential to the playset.
  3. Great for learning: This toy offers a fantastic opportunity for toddlers to learn body parts while having fun. It’s an interactive way to teach them about different body parts and how they come together.
  4. Durable and high-quality: The toy is well-made and designed to withstand rough play. The sturdy materials ensure that it will last for a long time, even with enthusiastic little hands.
  5. Perfect gift option: Whether it’s for a baby shower, birthday, or a holiday gift, this Potato Head Family toy is a hit with toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a timeless classic loved by generations.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Glasses don’t stay on: The glasses accessories included in the set may need some adjustment to fit securely on the potato heads. It would be ideal if they were designed to stay in place more effectively.
  2. Butt pockets can be frustrating: The toy’s design includes butt compartments for storage, which may be challenging for parents with small children. Cleaning up and organizing the pieces can be time-consuming.

Quick Verdict

I absolutely loved the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy! It’s an entertaining and educational playset that sparks creativity in little ones. The ability to mix and match the pieces allows for endless combinations, keeping kids engaged and excited. The addition of a baby potato adds an adorable touch, while the opportunity for learning body parts is a bonus.

This toy makes a wonderful gift, and it’s sure to bring a smile to any child’s face. Its durability ensures that it will withstand the test of time and provide hours of entertainment. If you’re looking for a fun and customizable toy, I highly recommend the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy for kids ages 2 and up. You can find it here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As an avid fan of Mr. Potato Head, I couldn’t resist purchasing the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy. I bought this product on Amazon because I wanted to expand my collection and create endless possibilities with my potato friends. The delivery was surprisingly fast, taking only two days to reach me here in the USA.

When I eagerly opened the package, I found a colorful and enticing box. Inside, I discovered a plethora of 45 different pieces to create and customize my very own Potato Head family. The pieces ranged from various facial features like eyes, noses, mouths, and ears, to hats, glasses, and even shoes. It was truly exciting to see all the possibilities laid out before me, just waiting to be combined into unique potato personas.


Brand: Hasbro

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Release date: July 1, 2021

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 4 x 10 x 10.75 inches


The included user guide in the box proved to be incredibly helpful. It provided step-by-step instructions on how to assemble different potato characters and gave some fun ideas for creative combinations. The guide also offered suggestions on how to encourage imaginative play and utilize the different accessories to enhance storytelling. If you ever need some inspiration or want to explore all the possibilities this toy has to offer, you can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Different Kinds of Potato Families

The Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family toy offers a diverse range of potato families to celebrate different kinds of families. With lots of parts and pieces included, kids can customize their potato families to reflect their own experiences and imagination. This promotes inclusivity and allows children to create characters that they can relate to.

Family Mashup with 45 Accessories

With 45 accessories to mix and mash, kids can have endless fun imagining and creating different Potato Head families. The toy allows them to create families with up to 2 parents and 1 baby, encouraging storytelling and imaginative play. This feature enhances cognitive skills and nurtures creativity in children.

Adorable Baby Sprout

The toy includes a baby potato toy with a 3-inch potato body. The baby potato comes with a plastic diaper accessory that resembles baked potato foil, adding a cute and realistic touch. Additionally, the butter and sour cream pacifier accessory adds a humorous twist to the baby character. This feature allows children to play out family dynamics and take care of their potato family members.

Loved for Generations

The Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family toy has been loved for generations, making it a timeless and classic choice. It is a versatile gift option for occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. Suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids ages 2 and up, this toy brings joy and entertainment to children of different age groups.

42 Fun and Modern Accessories

This toy set includes 2 large potato bodies, 1 small potato body, and 42 fun and modern accessories. From pink streaked hair to various facial features, children have a wide range of options to create funny and wacky looks. This feature sparks children’s imagination and encourages self-expression as they experiment with creating unique potato characters.

Concluding Thoughts

Our Score: 93.0

I recently purchased the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy for my toddler, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. The toy comes with 45 accessories, allowing for endless customization and creative play. My little one has had a blast mixing and matching the different parts to create funny and wacky looks for the potato families.

One feature that I particularly love about this toy is the inclusion of a baby potato, complete with a plastic diaper accessory that looks like baked potato foil, and a butter and sour cream pacifier. It adds an adorable touch to the playtime experience. Additionally, the large potato bodies and modern accessories, such as pink streaked hair, make this toy appealing to both boys and girls.

Not only has this toy provided hours of entertainment for my child, but it has also been educational. It has helped my toddler learn about body parts through interactive play. The quality of the toy is also impressive, as it has withstood rough play without any issues.

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging toy for young kids, I highly recommend the Potato Head Create Your Potato Head Family Toy. It makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or baby showers. Trust me, your little ones will love creating their own potato families and expressing their creativity.

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