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Jumbo Counting Bears Review: Educational Montessori Toys with 54 Math Manipulatives (2023)




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Today, I want to share my thoughts on the Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups – Montessori Rainbow Matching Game. As a parent, I’m always searching for educational toys that make learning fun for my little one. This set definitely fits the bill!

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. These counting and sorting toddler toys provide guidance in the early stages of visual perception. The cups and colorful bears help children focus on movement and balance, which enhances their coordination skills.
  2. These toys are not only educational but also entertaining. They stimulate learning, encourage color recognition, and develop fine motor skills. Plus, they make excellent travel toys for toddlers!
  3. The jumbo size of the bears is perfect for little hands. They are easy to grip, and their bright colors are captivating for children. The toy storage included is a great bonus for keeping everything organized.
  4. From counting to sorting, these toys offer various games and activities for preschoolers. They promote cognitive skills and math development through play, making learning a lot more enjoyable.
  5. The set is durable and safe for toddlers. The silicone cups and bears are sturdy, and the storage bag is convenient for carrying the toys around.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Although the majority of kids love this toy, some may lose interest after a few play sessions. Adding additional game ideas or variations could keep kids engaged for longer periods of time.
  2. The zipper on the storage bag could be more sturdy. It tends to come apart easily, making it challenging to keep all the pieces in one place.

Quick Verdict

The Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups is a fantastic educational toy for toddlers. It offers a wide range of learning activities while keeping little ones engaged and entertained. The vibrant colors, durable materials, and convenient storage make it a winner in my book. I highly recommend this set for parents who want to enhance their child’s cognitive and motor skills while having a blast! You can check it out on Amazon.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

Being a parent in the USA, I recently purchased the Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups from KIDS KORNER on Amazon. I was looking for an educational toy that would help my toddler with color recognition and basic math skills. The product arrived within a few days of placing the order, and I was excited to unbox it.

Inside the box, I found a set of 48 colorful bears in various sizes, along with 6 stacking cups. The bears came in a convenient tote bag for easy storage. The bears are made of durable plastic and have a smooth finish, making them safe for young children. The stacking cups are also well-made and fit perfectly on top of each other. Overall, the product looked well-designed and of high quality.


Manufacturer: KIDS KORNER

Type: Unisex-child

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars, 2,717 ratings

Item Weight: 1.25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.99 x 4.02 x 4.02 inches


The documentation that came with the Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups was quite helpful. It provided clear instructions on how to use the bears and cups for various educational activities, such as counting, sorting, and color matching. The user guide also included tips on how to create fun learning games using the manipulatives. I found the guide easy to follow and it helped me come up with engaging activities for my toddler.

You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Learning Through Play

These Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups offer a fun and engaging way for toddlers to learn. Playing with these toys allows children to develop important skills such as counting, sorting, and color recognition. The colorful bears and stacking cups make learning an enjoyable experience for young children. Product link

Pro-Tip: Encourage children to sort the bears by color and size. This not only enhances their fine motor skills but also helps them understand the concept of patterns and sequencing.

Early Visual Perception

With the help of these Montessori toys, toddlers can enhance their visual perception skills. The sorting bears and cups provide guidance in the early stages of visual processing. Children learn to focus on the movement and placement of the colored bears, which promotes balance and coordination. These toys are designed to stimulate sensory exploration and cognitive development.

Pro-Tip: Use the counting bears and cups as a tool to teach basic math concepts like addition and subtraction. Encourage children to count the bears as they place them in the cups and reinforce their understanding of numbers.

Educational and Engaging

These toddler learning toys are specifically designed to stimulate learning. They serve as educational toys for toddlers by introducing various concepts such as colors, sorting, and matching. The activities provided by these toys help children develop cognitive and motor skills. Additionally, they serve as a memory game, allowing children to improve their recall and recognition abilities.

Pro-Tip: Use the learning activities eBook included with the set to enhance the learning experience. The eBook provides additional learning opportunities and ideas for play-based learning.

Math Development through Play

The Montessori bears included in this set contribute to the development of early math skills. Children can use these math manipulatives for counting and sorting activities, strengthening their numeracy skills. The bears can also be used as a versatile tool for color games and matching activities. From basic to advanced math skills, the bears allow children to learn math concepts while having fun.

Pro-Tip: Create fun math games by using the stacking cups as different levels of difficulty. Challenge children to sort the bears according to specific attributes like size or color, making the activities more challenging as their skills progress.

Great for Travel and Occupational Therapy

These manipulative toys are not only suitable for home but also make excellent travel companions. The compact design and included tote make it easy to bring them along on trips, providing entertainment and educational value on the go. Additionally, these toys can be beneficial for children with autism, as they help enhance sensory perception and fine motor skills.

Pro-Tip: Utilize these toys during occupational therapy sessions to promote fine motor skills and coordination development. The engaging nature of the counting bears and cups can make therapy sessions more enjoyable for children.

Final Thoughts

Our Score: 95.0

As a parent, I highly recommend the Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups. This educational toy has been a game-changer for my toddler’s learning experience. Not only is it fun and colorful, but it also helps develop essential skills such as counting, sorting, and color recognition. The jumbo-sized bears are perfect for little hands, allowing my child to build fine motor skills while having a blast.

One of the best features of this toy is its versatility. We play various games with the bears and cups, such as rolling the dice to determine the number and color of bears to place in each cup. This not only reinforces counting but also encourages turn-taking and social interaction. The included educational activities eBook provides additional learning opportunities and keeps things interesting.

The durability of this set is impressive. Despite my toddler’s rough play, the bears and cups have shown no signs of wear. The storage tote is convenient for keeping everything organized and easily transportable. I also appreciate that the bears and cups are large enough to minimize any choking hazards. Overall, the Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups is a fantastic educational toy that provides hours of entertainment and learning for toddlers. I highly recommend it!

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