Princess Power Wheels – More Power To The Girls

Looking for a perfect ride for your princess, Princess Power Wheels is the best toy to ride on which encourage small girl’s fantasy life.  It’s very normal for children to fantasize about characters and roles that they are exposed to, characters just like a Princess.

Being introduced to a Disney Princess is most likely the first exposure your girls will get to the world of beauty and femininity. It is perfectly natural for girls to want to emulate a princess.  After all, they do teach some good values.  They sacrifice for those that they love and they don’t hesitate to help others.

Riding a Princess Power Wheels is a great way for your children to get those creative little imaginations working. There’s a Princess Power Wheels out there for everyone, even those as young as 12 months.  These are a few of the favorites:

princess power wheels

  • The Princess Power Wheels Quad is a very sporty looking ride for those toddlers who you think will enjoy rough terrain areas.  This 6 volt ride is great for children who are just learning to ride.  It runs at a very safe speed of about 2 mph and is a great vehicle for children who are just learning to steer and accelerate on their own.
  • The tires are tough treaded so they can trudge along in the wet grass, the gravel, or even the mud.  The finger controlled motion button makes it very easy to operate and the body integrated foot platform makes it very easy and steady to drive.  Not only will your kids love the colors of this ride but they’ll also love the princess graphics that go with it!


  • The Princess Power Wheels Tot Rod is another great ride for toddlers.  This adorable little ride has an extra feature for parents.  A removable parent assist handle makes it convenient for adults to help children who are just learning to drive.  The handle has its own power button so you can control the speed and the steering all at the same time.  When the kids are ready to drive on their own, just remove the handle and off they’ll go.
  • The Tot Rod comes with a 6 volt battery that allows the vehicle to travel at a very safe 2 mph.  It comes complete with a seat belt, a high back bucket seat, and footrests for extra stability.  This cute princess power wheel sits close to the ground so even the smallest children can enjoy!

princess power wheels

  • The Princess Power Wheels Trail Princess is perfect for children who are 3 and older and will make them feel like royalty as they travel around the neighborhood.  This quad has a little more power with its 12 volt battery that travels at two speeds, 2.5 mph and 5 mph.  It also travels 2.5 mph in reverse. The three position accelerator takes away the choppiness that comes with other quads and provides a very smooth ride.
  • This is a great vehicle that will easily seat two.  Your adventurous girls will head out in a vehicle that has four wheel suspension, high performance steering, and automatic brakes.  They’ll be riding in style and you’ll be able to have peace of mind as far as safety and quality goes.

All of these Princess Power Wheels will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your children.  Your girls will rock in their gutsy princess quads, and you’ll be the one who supplied the fun! No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your girls will be incredibly excited and you’ll have an even bigger spot in their heart than before!

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