Princess Power Wheels – More Power To The Girls

Looking for a perfect ride for your princess, Princess Power Wheels is the best toy to ride on which encourage small girl’s fantasy life.  It’s very normal for children to fantasize about characters and roles that they are exposed to, characters just like a Princess.

Being introduced to a Disney Princess is most likely the first exposure your girls will get to the world of beauty and femininity. It is perfectly natural for girls to want to emulate a princess.  After all, they do teach some good values.  They sacrifice for those that they love and they don’t hesitate to help others.

Riding a Princess Power Wheels is a great way for your children to get those creative little imaginations working. There’s a Princess Power Wheels out there for everyone, even those as young as 12 months.  These are a few of the favorites:

princess power wheels

  • The Princess Power Wheels Quad is a very sporty looking ride for those toddlers who you think will enjoy rough terrain areas.  This 6 volt ride is great for children who are just learning to ride.  It runs at a very safe speed of about 2 mph and is a great vehicle for children who are just learning to steer and accelerate on their own.
  • The tires are tough treaded so they can trudge along in the wet grass, the gravel, or even the mud.  The finger controlled motion button makes it very easy to operate and the body integrated foot platform makes it very easy and steady to drive.  Not only will your kids love the colors of this ride but they’ll also love the princess graphics that go with it!


  • The Princess Power Wheels Tot Rod is another great ride for toddlers.  This adorable little ride has an extra feature for parents.  A removable parent assist handle makes it convenient for adults to help children who are just learning to drive.  The handle has its own power button so you can control the speed and the steering all at the same time.  When the kids are ready to drive on their own, just remove the handle and off they’ll go.
  • The Tot Rod comes with a 6 volt battery that allows the vehicle to travel at a very safe 2 mph.  It comes complete with a seat belt, a high back bucket seat, and footrests for extra stability.  This cute princess power wheel sits close to the ground so even the smallest children can enjoy!

princess power wheels

  • The Princess Power Wheels Trail Princess is perfect for children who are 3 and older and will make them feel like royalty as they travel around the neighborhood.  This quad has a little more power with its 12 volt battery that travels at two speeds, 2.5 mph and 5 mph.  It also travels 2.5 mph in reverse. The three position accelerator takes away the choppiness that comes with other quads and provides a very smooth ride.
  • This is a great vehicle that will easily seat two.  Your adventurous girls will head out in a vehicle that has four wheel suspension, high performance steering, and automatic brakes.  They’ll be riding in style and you’ll be able to have peace of mind as far as safety and quality goes.

All of these Princess Power Wheels will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your children.  Your girls will rock in their gutsy princess quads, and you’ll be the one who supplied the fun! No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your girls will be incredibly excited and you’ll have an even bigger spot in their heart than before!

The Radio Flyer Twist Trike – Get 2 For 1!

If buying a ride on toy that will grow with your child is at the top of your priority list then the Radio Flyer Twist Trike is a must have.  This cool ride is suitable for kids who are as young as 2 and as old as 7.  We all know that 2 toys are better than 1 and the Twist Trike can conveniently be ridden as a trike or as a chopper at the snap of your fingers.

This well thought out design features a patented quick release twist ‘n lock mechanism that allows children and parents to turn the ride from a tricycle to a chopper or vice versa in no time at all.  Start out as a trike for two to four year olds then just “twist” or convert it into a chopper for four to seven year olds.

  • The Radio Flyer Twist Trike is truly amazing and will give your kids the best of both worlds.  If your child is more comfortable with a ride that has a lower center of gravity then the chopper or big wheels style will be appropriate.  If they prefer the more traditional tricycle then release the mechanism and switch over to the adorable trike.
  • The Twist Trike is one of the more durable plastic rides.  It has molded construction for extra stability.  The tires are also molded with the front tire measuring 11.5” and the rear wheels measuring 9”.  The adjustable seat back ensures that this ride will grow with your child for years to come.  There’s nothing better than a toy that will grow with your child for years.
  • You won’t have to worry about tipping problems because this ride has a very controlled turning radius that gives it extra stability.  One of the biggest complaints about tricycles seems to center around tipping problems and this ride will ensure the safest measures in this area.  Your kids will be safe so you have better piece of mind.
  • The Radio Flyer Twist Trike is the type of toy that will stimulate your kids in many different ways. Before you even realize it they’ll become more coordinated, improve their motor skills, gain independence, and become so self confident that you’ll be amazed.  This is a great toy that’s long lasting, durable, and will provide fun for the entire family.

Are you going to break down and purchase one?  If you do leave us a quick comment and let us know how much you like it!

The Brum Pedal Car

The Brum Pedal Car is one of the cutest pedal cars that I think I’ve seen.  I think I love this car so much because his headlights have eyeballs.  Yeah, really, it feels like he has a little personality because he looks like he’s smiling and looking at me.

Brum is a children’s TV program that originated in Birmingham, England.  Brum himself is a miniature replica of the Austin 7 convertible, otherwise known way back when as the “Chummy”.  He sneaks away from his owner and finds many adventures in the “Big Town” of Birmingham.

As Brum drives himself around town he expresses himself in many different ways. He opens and closes his doors, bobs his suspension, flashes and swivels those cute little headlights, and honks his own horn.   How cute can you get?

Brum Pedal Car

We haven’t had the privilege of getting to watch Brum here in the US on a general broadcast channel but I hear that you can find him on some reruns on the BBC network.  I don’t have access to that particular channel but I have some friends who claim this is true – you can always check it out if you’d like.

The Brum Pedal Car has been very stringently reproduced to replicate the original as closely as possible.  What kids love best about the character Brum is what they’ll love best about his pedal car – he’s fun and he’s always up for a good adventure!

  • This car has been built under license from original producers Ragdoll Productions.  Brum is made of durable steel so he’ll be sure to last for a long time. He has high traction, solid rubber tires, and even has a spare tire on the tailgate in case of a “breakdown”.
  • The red padded seat makes driving more comfortable.  The crank handle actually moves, it has gold hubcaps, running boards, and an old fashioned chrome horn.  The pedal assembly has two movable positions so your child can grow with the car and the pedals are non-slip pedals.

The Brum Pedal Car is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.  This car will provide a great means of exercise for your kids, will increase independence, and will get those imaginations working full blast.  Although this car isn’t made in the USA, it conforms to all US codes and is free from lead paint.  Look out because your kids will be tooling around the neighborhood in style!

The John Deere Ride On Toys – What a Variety!

The John Deere toys are not just for the current generation children, they are in the market since ages. They were the important part of our childhood memories too. It’s so easy to pick out one of their green pieces of machinery no matter where you go. .


Not only are the John Deere riding toys awesome to look at but they’ve also got a huge variety to choose from. No matter what your child’s age, you’ll be able to find a toy that’s both age appropriate and developmentally beneficial. You can be sure that your kids love the green and orange that signifies one cool ride coming around the corner.

Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to live on a farm in order to love these products.  They’re great fun no matter where you live,  whether it happens to be in the country or in a more urban area.  Here are a few of my favorite John Deere rides:

john deere ride on toys

  • The John Deere Sit N Scoot tractor is great for those toddlers who are just beginning to walk and are becoming more interested in their surroundings.  I love that it’s musically interactive and plays Old McDonald, beeps, and makes animal sounds.
  • You child can either stand up and push this tractor, sit on it and scoot themselves around, or just sit still while you push them around.  Four little farm animals get to come along for the ride and can be stored underneath the seat when not in wanted.
  • Push ride on toys like this one will encourage your toddler to use their imagination, will increase motor skills, and can even help them learn how to walk faster by strengthening those large muscle groups.

john deere ride on toys

  • If you’re looking for a really rugged steel wagon then the John Deere Wooden Stake Sides wagon will be perfect.  Modeled a little like the classic Red Flyer Wagon, this green and yellow wagon is incredibly heavy duty with a solid steel frame and high wooden stake sides that will keep both the kids and any cargo secure.
  • This cool wagon has HUGE rubber tires that will provide a much smoother ride over the rougher surfaces.  The wide wheelbase makes it very stable and unlikely to tip over.  All edges corners are rounded and safe for those little fingers.

john deere ride on toys

  • The John Deere Scooter is great for beginner riders with its three wheel design.  No one will miss your child as they hit the road in their green and yellow scooter with a very sturdy steel frame.
  • This foot to ground scooter is a great way for kids to learn the art of balancing before they move up to the electric rides.  This is perfect for coordination skills while still giving the kids a little bit of new found independence.
  • This ride is low to the ground for safety measures, has adjustable handlebars with pads, flat proof solid tires, and a textured non-slip deck.  Everything that a parent could ask for in a scooter!

john deere ride on toys

  • The John Deere Heavy Hauler is the perfect tricycle for kids who are 2 and older.  I like that this trike is very tough and made to last.  It may not have all of the interactive gadgets that some of the other trikes have but if you want a trike that will handle all terrains then this is your answer.
  • The Heavy Hauler has its very own dumping basket on the rear step so your kids can easily fill it up with goodies and then lift it and dump it out.  The high seat back gives the smaller kids a little more support.
  • Like the other John Deere ride on toys, this trike has some really tough and durable tires that will go anywhere.  The handlebars are padded and easy to reach.  This ride is a great stepping stone that will give your kids some confidence before they move up to the tractors!

john deere ride on toys

  • Now you’ve got to admit that this John Deere Fire Truck pedal car is very unique!  Say goodbye to the classic red fire truck and say hello to this sharp looking John Deere ride on toys.
  • This very retro ride is just adorable with its classic green and yellow color scheme.  Pedal rides are a great way for your kids to get some exercise, gain self confidence, and let their imaginations run wild as they’re racing to their next rescue.
  • This car has a solid steel body, a chain driven pedal drive, and all the bells and whistles of a real fire truck including a hose, wooden ladder, and a chrome bell.  Look out because once your kids start pedaling you may not be able to get them to stop.

john deere ride on toys

  • If your child is dying for a tractor of their own but isn’t ready for a battery powered ride then you’ve got to consider the John Deere Loader.  This cool John Deere riding toy will let them drive, scoop, and dump all on their own.
  • This loader is great for kids as young as 2 and has an adjustable bucket seat to accommodate years of growing.  Not only will your child feel like they’ve got their very own tractor, but they’ll be using their imaginations to role play since the possibilities are endless with this type of vehicle.
  • When your child operates the loader they’ll be increasing their hand to eye coordination, their balance and coordination, and learning how to judge distances.  Even the dashboard has gauges for more interaction.  You’ve got to admit that this one is pretty unique.

john deere ride on toys

  • The ultimate green and yellow ride is the John Deere Gator, the 12 volt bad boy that will travel on any surface you want.  Whether it be grass, dirt, mud, hard surfaces, or hills, this beast will handle them all.  Just look at the tires on this thing!  This has got to be the to die for ride when it comes to it.
  • The Gator has two different speeds and travels at a very safe 2.5 mph or 4.5 mph and has a reverse.  The SmartPedal technology cuts down on the jerky start-ups and stops, increasing battery life by up to 27%.  Parents can engage the high speed lockout for children who are just beginning to drive.
  • Features include a foot accelerator, 2 speed shifter, adjustable seats, and a windshield.  Your kids will be able to load up the huge cargo bed and then open the tailgate to dump it.  The cargo bed is also big enough to hold a small child but watch for safety issues where this is concerned.

Wow, I think we’ve covered some the best John Deere ride on toys that are available.   Whichever ride you choose you can rest assured that they’re well made and durable enough to last for years, just like the name implies.  I grew up as a farm girl and there’s nothing better than a John Deere for quality.  Enjoy your rides and take a moment to let us know which ones are your favorite!