Why Is Pet Portrait Painting Becoming Popular Today – Kids Love Pets.

Once you own a pet, it becomes an important part of our life. They provide you with emotional and moral support, companionship and reduce our stress levels and sense of loneliness. We all wish that they live much longer than they actually do.

Why Pet Portraits?

Do you want to immortalize your pet and make it stay forever with you? Make a portrait of it and feel your pet’s presence forever. If you have recently lost your dog or cat or any other pet, you could turn their pictures into portraits and paintings. Making a portrait in the memory of your pet with you will make remember all the good memories you have.

Pet portraits are a real thing today. In the early days, sophisticated families used to get portraits done. Now, we hang oil paintings and portraits of objects strange to us.( Here are some pet/dog portraits by instapainting ) Why not use our very own pets as models instead? Pet Portraits are something owners of pets would love to have but maybe they do not have it in their minds. Imagine how happy it could make them if you gave it as a gift to them. This is an amazing gift idea. All you need to do is convert a picture of a pet into a portrait. A painted portrait is a thousand times more elegant than a framed and photographed picture.

Medium Used For Pet Portraits

Depending upon what your pet looks like, you can choose the medium of your portrait after doing a detailed research on all the following mentioned options.

  • Some pets are pretty colourful creatures. If people have been complimenting your pet for a long about their spots and colours then colour portraits should be what you choose for your pet.
  • Oil Pastels strong colours reproduce your pet’s highlighted colours and the soft textures of the fur.
  • Detailing of your pet’s colours and textures is possible through watercolour and coloured pencils. It gives you a subtle look and much more details than pastels.
  • If you want to pay more attention to your pet’s character and expression then you could try pencil drawings. It does not have the distraction of colours and enhances the texture of the pet’s coat.
  • If you want both details and color then you could combine watercolour and coloured pencil. This gives you a complete look of your pet.
  • A graphite pencil portrait highlights your pet’s expressive and unique features like ears, nose, and eyes. It also highlights the textures, soft and silky waves or curls.


Before determining the size of your Portrait, you have to first decide where you want to hang it. The size of the portrait depends a lot on the location of the hanging place. Once you are done deciding that, you could then think if you want a small or a big or a huge portrait of your pet. The sizes can range from a classic 8” x 10” to larger sizes like 20” x 24” or very huge like 50” x 74”. So also, you can have custom made sizes.

Reference Photograph

When you decide that you want to get a pet portrait done, you must make sure that you have plenty of amazing pictures of your pet. This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when thinking of making a pet portrait. Any artist you hire or go to will surely require a good quality picture of your pet. Put your mind to decide what kind of a portrait you want; it could be a funny portrait or a more serious portrait that deals with the character of your pet or a portrait that gets the best out of your pet. Choose the best picture of your pet to submit it to the artist.

Above are the points and information that you should keep in mind before making a pet portrait. Make sure you have everything you need. Hope you have a wonderful experience.

Toys Made In The USA – Do They Still Exist?

We’re all very aware of how tough economic times are here is the US.  Unemployment rates are at record breaking highs, our national debt is sky high, and consumer confidence is at an all time low.

As a nation we import more goods than we export and we’ve lost hundreds of thousands of jobs oversees.  The label “Made In Japan” or “Made In China” is no longer synonymous with the term “junk”.  Instead it’s synonymous with the term “reasonably priced”.


So how does the Made In The USA label relate to the toy industry?  The US Commerce Department has reported that as much as 95% of the toys that are sold here are imported. Most of them are imported from China.  Now isn’t that a surprise!

This doesn’t happen because there’s more innovative technology overseas as far as toys goes.  It happens for the very simple reason that the Chinese work for next to nothing, water freight is cheap,  and we can still land those toys into our ports for less than what it would cost an American based corporation to produce them.

While all of this is true, there is one small bright spot in this otherwise bleak picture.  The Little Tikes company, based in Hudson, Ohio, is proud to manufacture some ride on toys that still handle the Made in the USA label.  Their ever popular and adorable Cozy Coupe continues to be made here is the good ole USA.

MSNBC reports that Little Tikes still manufacturers their bigger and bulkier plastic products that have prohibitive ocean freight costs at the Ohio plant.  Employing approximately 500 employees, this company continually searches for ways to produce as efficiently as they can while keeping production costs low.

In order to continue their Ohio operations, Little Tikes has assumed a low interest $3.2 million low interest loan from the state of Ohio and more than $4 million in government loans, grants, and tax credits.  In return, Little Tikes has agreed to increase their work force by 66 jobs and continue to manufacture in Hudson for another 14 years.

So just how do we as a nation feel about the state of our manufacturing?  I for one think that it’s about time for our government to step up to the plate and give corporations some incentives for bringing back and keeping jobs right here in our own country.

There’s got to be a way to turn things around and make us the largest exporter in the world – not the largest importer.  Hurray for Little Tikes for being able to do what they’re doing and may they continue the good work.