The Radio Flyer Twist Trike – Get 2 For 1!

If buying a ride on toy that will grow with your child is at the top of your priority list then the Radio Flyer Twist Trike is a must have.  This cool ride is suitable for kids who are as young as 2 and as old as 7.  We all know that 2 toys are better than 1 and the Twist Trike can conveniently be ridden as a trike or as a chopper at the snap of your fingers.

This well thought out design features a patented quick release twist ‘n lock mechanism that allows children and parents to turn the ride from a tricycle to a chopper or vice versa in no time at all.  Start out as a trike for two to four year olds then just “twist” or convert it into a chopper for four to seven year olds.

  • The Radio Flyer Twist Trike is truly amazing and will give your kids the best of both worlds.  If your child is more comfortable with a ride that has a lower center of gravity then the chopper or big wheels style will be appropriate.  If they prefer the more traditional tricycle then release the mechanism and switch over to the adorable trike.
  • The Twist Trike is one of the more durable plastic rides.  It has molded construction for extra stability.  The tires are also molded with the front tire measuring 11.5” and the rear wheels measuring 9”.  The adjustable seat back ensures that this ride will grow with your child for years to come.  There’s nothing better than a toy that will grow with your child for years.
  • You won’t have to worry about tipping problems because this ride has a very controlled turning radius that gives it extra stability.  One of the biggest complaints about tricycles seems to center around tipping problems and this ride will ensure the safest measures in this area.  Your kids will be safe so you have better piece of mind.
  • The Radio Flyer Twist Trike is the type of toy that will stimulate your kids in many different ways. Before you even realize it they’ll become more coordinated, improve their motor skills, gain independence, and become so self confident that you’ll be amazed.  This is a great toy that’s long lasting, durable, and will provide fun for the entire family.

Are you going to break down and purchase one?  If you do leave us a quick comment and let us know how much you like it!