The Brum Pedal Car

The Brum Pedal Car is one of the cutest pedal cars that I think I’ve seen.  I think I love this car so much because his headlights have eyeballs.  Yeah, really, it feels like he has a little personality because he looks like he’s smiling and looking at me.

Brum is a children’s TV program that originated in Birmingham, England.  Brum himself is a miniature replica of the Austin 7 convertible, otherwise known way back when as the “Chummy”.  He sneaks away from his owner and finds many adventures in the “Big Town” of Birmingham.

As Brum drives himself around town he expresses himself in many different ways. He opens and closes his doors, bobs his suspension, flashes and swivels those cute little headlights, and honks his own horn.   How cute can you get?

Brum Pedal Car

We haven’t had the privilege of getting to watch Brum here in the US on a general broadcast channel but I hear that you can find him on some reruns on the BBC network.  I don’t have access to that particular channel but I have some friends who claim this is true – you can always check it out if you’d like.

The Brum Pedal Car has been very stringently reproduced to replicate the original as closely as possible.  What kids love best about the character Brum is what they’ll love best about his pedal car – he’s fun and he’s always up for a good adventure!

  • This car has been built under license from original producers Ragdoll Productions.  Brum is made of durable steel so he’ll be sure to last for a long time. He has high traction, solid rubber tires, and even has a spare tire on the tailgate in case of a “breakdown”.
  • The red padded seat makes driving more comfortable.  The crank handle actually moves, it has gold hubcaps, running boards, and an old fashioned chrome horn.  The pedal assembly has two movable positions so your child can grow with the car and the pedals are non-slip pedals.

The Brum Pedal Car is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.  This car will provide a great means of exercise for your kids, will increase independence, and will get those imaginations working full blast.  Although this car isn’t made in the USA, it conforms to all US codes and is free from lead paint.  Look out because your kids will be tooling around the neighborhood in style!